Fake/Counterfeit Generic 'Viagra'...

The high risks of using fake generic 'viagra'...

Genuine Pfizer Viagra from UKMeds4U.com (and similar products such as Cialis and Levitra) is one of the world's most counterfeited medications. If you obtain cheap inferior 'fake/counterfeit generic Viagra' through illegitimate channels, you are putting yourself at a very high risk.

Legitimate websites, like UKMeds4U.com, are in the minority. The vast majority of websites that sell 'fakes/counterfeit generic Viagra' for erection problems are unqualified and, in fact, selling fakes. So please be vigilant, 'fake/counterfeit generic Viagra' may:

• Interact with other medications you are taking, or cause an allergic reaction
• Contain toxic substances
• Contain too much, too little or no active ingredient
• Contain a wide range of other substances such as talcum powder and commercial-grade paint
• Be manufactured in unregulated facilities, which are not sterile or hygienic. In fact, a vast majority of 'fake/counterfeit generic Viagra' is made in easily contaminable 'back-street laboratories'.