Prices FAQ...

1: Why are some internet sites selling prescription medicine so cheaply?

If prices are dramatically cheaper at internet sites other than, then the chances are they are not supplying genuine licensed & branded pharmaceutical products. You will have no way of knowing exactly how or where their products have been manufactured and handled, or even what chemicals they might contain, or if they have been exposed to any contamination. The bottom line is, you would be taking chances with your health, and maybe even your life.

2: What exactly is included with your prices?

The service provided for the prices advertised includes:

• Cost of an e-Consultation by doctors who are regulated by the UK General Medical Council (GMC)
• Free advice from a UK-registered Doctor (via e-mail)
• Cost of a UK registered pharmaceutical supplier who is a member of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)
• Postage and packaging (for all UK deliveries, including Northern Ireland)
• Consumer protection guarantees (under UK law)
• Free online order tracking facility
• Customer support (online and via telephone)
• Speedy repeat prescriptions (no need to re-register)

3: Are there any hidden costs to your service?

No. The prices which are listed in the e-Consultation process are are exactly what you will be charged.